Jamia Teachers condole loss of Indian lives; resolves to contribute their salaries toward education of riot hit kids till their graduation and rehabilitation of the poor

Jamia Teachers’ Association (JTA) called an emergency General Body Meeting (GBM) on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 in the Dr. M. A. Ansari Auditorium. The agenda was to help victims of Delhi communal riots and extending collective condolences for the deceased. On February 29, 2020, JTA sent a delegation comprising Jamia teachers to distribute aid. The delegation presented their report in the GBM and shared the pain and grief they heard from the victims of riot. It was difficult to narrate the experience of innocent women, children and other which the delegation came through while visiting the old Mustafabad area. JTA unanimously condemned the communal riots incited by political ambitions and evident offenders. It was expressed that life of every Indian citizen matters for the teachers and such losses cannot be just assessed in numbers or monetary indices. The bonds and affection among religious communities is most precious and loss of family members is beyond expression. The delegation also submitted that people in the riot affected areas have lost faith in the government and administration and that unity among the Indians is the best they can trust. This is the high time we common Indians unite and collectively fighting hatemongers to save the religious diversity which leads to the stability of the nation, said Jamia teachers.

A number of inputs and suggestions were put forth by the gathering of teachers in the meeting and resolved by the house.:

1) Contribution by each and every teacher through, a minimum of, one-day salary.

2) Reaching out the individual riot victims for assured help across the religious lines.

3) Development of legal mechanism for fund generation and utilization.

4) No lavish purchases for a year and stick to basic household expenses only; savings to be contributed for helping riot victims.

5) Helping to Rebuild/Refurbish the destroyed schools in the area.

6) Supporting the education of riot-hit victims up to their graduations.

7) Rehabilitation of poor vendors.

The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.


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