Freshers’ Week at Jamia FET

Freshers’ Week at Jamia FET

The society of Automotive Engineers recently organised their Freshers’ Week to welcome their juniors with mesmerising enthusiasm. It took place on 24 september . It had various rejuvenating events like Open Mic Afternoon , Arm Wrestling , Chess Championship , Musical Chairs , Quiz etc.
The event started at 1 in the afternoon and since we are engineers we’re habitual to multitasking
we ended up having multiple events at the same time. We had musical chairs cause we wanted to begin the event on a light note. The songs played were really catchy and participants had a gala time at the same time showing no mercy to their opponents . courtesy to the captivity of the event we ended up having multiple rounds of it.
Next up to showcase our brainy side we had a game of chess at engineering canteen where the participants thoroughly stormed their brains to outsmart their opponents .
While at engineering canteen people were as ruthless as the wizarding chess in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone . They also organised a fandom quiz for all the Potterheads,All those who drool over F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and swear by Tony Stark ( you guess it right MCU). To win this one we really had wrestle with our memories.
From wrestling with our memories we moved forward to wrestling with our arms which surprisingly didn’t end up in a street brawl.
By the time the clock struck half past two, students started filling up the seats of FET Auditorium for the highly anticipated Open Mic Event which comprised of various performances ranging from beatboxing, stand-up acts,singing to acting. First performer of the day was a girl with words as poetic as they can get. The audience felt connected with the performance which was reflected in their applause. Some other notable performances included a stand up gig performed by Divyanshu who also went on to win the award for the best performance of the day .
At last but not the least we had a jaw dropping rap boxing ( rapping + beat boxing) performance by Adil and Aman ( twins) who were one of the top 40 contestants in MTV hustle ( a reality TV show)
The day ended on a good note with a lot of pleasant memories , raucous laughter and smiles.

Quiz room

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